Week In Review 6-5-2020

As we end an incredibly painful week in America, we are further reminded about the work and healing we need to do to repair and improve our country and to finally end systemic racism. We are hurting as a nation and in our communities. Our spirit is bruised and battered.
We have seen these graphic images again and again. Each time it fills us with pain and renewed calls for change. Yet we are left frustrated and feeling hopeless, just waiting for the next horrific event to rip at our souls.
Although the violence almost drowned out the voices of the protesters, people of all ages did peacefully take to the streets across the country to stand in solidarity, saying they care and we must do better.
Change is difficult and slow. At times we inch forward, then retreat. Today we seem more stalled than ever before. Our country is divided and angry.
We stand on the edge of the most critical election of our lifetime. Our democracy is stretched thin. Bigotry and hatred is choking us off from each other. If we don't change directions, the divide will become insurmountable.
Today, it is easy to become disillusioned and tired. But we can't. Despair will not lead us out of this dark period. Four more years of the same will cause irrevocable damage to our country.
In November we can begin a new chapter in our history. We can make the ground thunder with our vote.
There are 435 House races, 35 Senate races, 11 Governor races, 7 Secretary of State races, 10 Attorney General races and more than 19,000 various municipal races. Each of these elections is consequential. Pick a race. Get involved. Don't sit on the sidelines.
Become a postcard political activist. Join with JAC on Tuesday, June 9 at 3 pm CST and learn to send out GOTV postcards. (Click here to RSVP.) Postcards are easy, quick and effective.
Call your Representative and Senators and urge them to pass a comprehensive package to deal with the excessive use of force and racial profiling in police departments nationwide.
This is our moment.