Week in Review 8-28-2020

The GOP convention this week featured speakers who represent the worst of this country. 
The Republican nominee from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, was featured at the convention. On a recent trip he visited Hitler's vacation home, which he said was on his "bucket list" of places to see. He later posted pictures of the visit and referring to the Nazi leader as the Fuhrer. The caption also said the place was where"Supreme Evil shared laughs and good times with his compatriots."
The RNC was going to have Mary Ann Mendoza speak as well. But it was forced to cancel her speech at the last minute after she tweeted a litany of antisemitic comments hours before she was to appear. But she sits on the campaign board of Women for Trump.
Abby Johnson, a prominent opponent of abortion rights, who also appeared at the convention said she supports reviving household voting, which would allow only the head of a household to cast a vote in elections.
After the resurgence of antisemitism in Charlottesville, and Trump's failure to clearly condemn it, Joe Biden decided he had to run for president. Trump's presidency has been laced with hatred and alt-right supporters.
Biden has a comprehensive plan to battle the hatred that Trump has encouraged to grown unfettered. He takes seriously both the violence that accompanies it and the hateful and dangerous lies that underlie it.
Biden will restore funding for a critical effort to address domestic extremism, which the Trump administration has cut. 
Trump's lies and hate will only increase in the days leading up the election. His supporters and surrogates will help him spread this darkness across the country. He will try use fright to motivate Americans to vote for him.
But we have hope and promise in Joe and Kamala. Their vision for America is bright. We will turn the tables - and country - on Donald Trump. This election day we will close this ugly chapter in or history.
Our victory in November needs to be thunderous. 
Our votes count and they count when we vote early. VOTE EARLY.
Click here for information on voting early and requesting a mail-in ballot.