Week in Review 10-16-2020


Trump found another way to suppress the vote and diminish the political power of those that won't vote for him. The Supreme Court this week allowed the Trump administration to halt the 2020 census count ahead of schedule. 

The census helps determine how congressional and local voting districts are drawn. An accurate count ensures that everyone has fair representation in Congress and that their voice is heard.
Ending the census early will undoubtedly lead to undercounts and inaccuracies. It is estimated that 4 in 10 houses will not be counted. Typically these are households in minority neighborhoods and areas where young people live.
Trump has viewed the Census Bureau the same way as the Post Office -- it's one more independent government agency to be used for his own political agenda. Trump recently placed several political aides with no job description inside the Bureau.
If halting the census isn't enough, he hopes outright voter intimidation will help him succeed even more. He is urging his supporters to "go to the polls and watch very carefully."  Trump has also threatened to send law enforcement to the polls, a move that could result in violations of the US criminal code. We have only seen this type of voting threats coming from authoritarian regimes and dictators. 
According to the Brennan Center for Justice, armed groups or individuals who claim to offer security services at polling stations will also be in violation of state and local laws. Virtually all states have laws that strictly regulate the provision of private security services, particularly armed security services.
Nevertheless, a private security company is recruiting former U.S. military Special Operations personnel to guard polling sites in Minnesota on Election Day.
Yet, Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, refused to say whether she thought voter intimidation is illegal during her Senate confirmation hearing.
Trump's threats, tweets, and fear-mongering will not succeed in stopping the will of the people. More than 17 million Americans have already cast ballots with many waiting in long lines. We will not be prevented from voting. Rather we will prevent another four years of Trump with our vote.
Make a plan to vote.
source: NPR