Week in Review 10-30-2020

It's been four long years of Donald Trump and the destruction of our values and country. We hope we can finally see the end - and the beginning of a new day with Joe and Kamala.
But it won't happen unless we continue to work hard in these next days. 
We cannot rest until everyone has voted. There are still people who need to vote. Find them. Talk to them and make sure they vote. Help your friends and family make a plan to vote. Drive them to the polls if you have to. It will take every one of us to step up, stand in line, and take back our country for us and for generations here and to come.
Everything we care about has been attacked. No one has survived unscathed from Trump. Our country, the rule of law, and the Constitution have been stretched to near breaking point. Now with COVID, our lives are truly in jeopardy with Trump's failed handling of the pandemic.
On Tuesday we have an opportunity to raise our voices and use the power of our vote to make peaceful changes in our country. This democratic process makes us unique in the world. But it won't be easy. There will be long voting lines and some will face voter intimidation. 
Everything you do in these final moments can make a difference. Candidates have won and lost races by just a handful of votes.
"If we pour all our effort into these next days, and if we vote up and down the ticket like never before, then we will not only elect Joe and Kamala, we will also leave no doubt about what this country that we love stands for. We will not leave any doubt about who we are as people and the values and ideas that we embrace," said Barack Obama at this weeks campaign event for Joe in Florida.
There is still time to get involved. Click here to join the GOTV effort. Click here for Election day GOTV opportunities.
You don't want to wake up the morning after election without knowing you did everything you could to save the soul of this country. 
Let's get this done.
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