What's On Our Mind 2-25-2022

We stand with the people of Ukraine who are bravely fighting against an unjust and unprovoked invasion by the aggressive, tyrannical Putin. The world has already witnessed the devastating consequences when countries’ sovereignty is not respected. Land grabs by neighboring countries are a threat to peace and could lead to the dangerous disintegration of our world order.

The U.S. and its allies must continue to hold the line against authoritarian leaders, like Putin. Under no circumstances can Russia invade Ukraine without swift and harsh punitive actions.

As we watch Russia’s aggression in Ukraine unfold, we are fearful of the impact this is having on their innocent citizens. We are especially concerned about Ukraine’s Jewish community, which dates back more than a thousand years and has faced persecution throughout its history. It is currently the thirteenth largest Jewish community in the world.

Today Ukraine has a Jewish president and prime minister, making it the first state outside of Israel to do so. Nevertheless, history has shown us that during times of intense political conflict and economic uncertainty, Jews are targeted and scapegoated. Antisemitism blooms in unstable environments.

The Ukrainian Jewish community is living under a cloud of fear and uncertainty. As the situation deteriorates, emigration may become the only viable option.

It’s tragic watching Ukrainians scramble to leave their homes, many with nowhere to go. Fortunately, the Jews of Ukraine will not need to be strangers in a strange land if they must flee their war-torn homes. They won’t have to wait for a country to take them in. They will be welcomed in Israel, the only Jewish homeland in the world. That is why we fought so hard to establish the state of Israel and why we continue to do what we can to ensure its survival.

On this Shabbat, we pray for the safety of all Ukrainians. We hope that this conflict will end quickly and that the people and country can return to pursuing their democratic dreams.

Click below to help the Jewish community in Ukraine:

The Joint Distribution Committee Emergency Fund

Project Kesher Emergency Fund