What's On Our Mind 3-18-2022

Presidents begin their terms with plans and hopes. They have a vision for how they want to improve the lives of Americans while ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected.
It’s a challenging task. There are many unexpected forces that pull on any president — some internal, like Congress, and others external, like a pandemic. A president must do what they feel is right in their heart and soul using the best advice from experts and advisors.
When President Joe Biden was sworn in, the nation’s Capitol was turned into a fortress following the insurrection. There was also a raging pandemic. He was forced to deal with these challenges while simultaneously trying to enact his sweeping agenda. 
Now, two years later, Biden is calling upon his deep foreign and global affairs experience, honed from his years as a Senator on the Foreign Relations committee, to deal with war in Ukraine. In just three short weeks, Biden has unified NATO, delivered unprecedented military aid to Ukraine, and enacted sweeping sanctions on Russia.
This week he announced he was sending $800 million worth of new military aid to help Ukraine. Included in that aid are 800 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 2,000 Javelin anti-tank systems, and 25,000 sets of body armor.
With this support, plus his sweeping sanctions, his actions have renewed the world’s respect for the U.S. Biden’s leadership and strong stance has shown the world that we will face down the tyrant Putin — together.
But this will come at a cost to the American people — a cost President Biden is well aware of, and one that he has spoken about honestly and directly to the American people. “Defending freedom is going to cost.” 
He is working to institute anti-inflation measures. Going after price gouging and prescription drug prices is our best answer to inflation. 
The global fight for democracy is on. It won’t be easy and victory won’t be quick. As our nation’s Commander in Chief, Biden will not back down. Repairing the soul of our nation now includes defending and supporting Ukraine, as well.