What's On Our Mind 3-25-2022

The Supreme Court impacts every aspect our life. Those nine Justices have the final say as cases wind their way through the judicial pipeline. Since Justices serve for life, it is critical that the President nominates a person with outstanding legal credentials and one who is within the judicial mainstream.
President Joe Biden’s nomination of Kentaji Brown Jackson will be one his most important and impactful decisions well into the future.
Her hearing this week showcased her qualifications and her judicial temperament. She never wavered in her testimony, despite the unfair questioning by GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  
This is an historic moment for our country. The GOP squandered that by showing again that they are more interested in politics than country.
Jackson is no stranger to the Judiciary Committee. This was her fourth time before the Committee. The members know her well. They did not want to discuss the more than 570 opinions she wrote as a judge, which demonstrated how fair and impartial she is. They were more interested in political soundbites and backing Jackson into a nonexistent corner.
There is no better time for Jackson sit on the high court. The Court is getting ready to hear many pivotal cases and her understanding of the law and her promise to ensure that the Constitution is upheld for all is desperately needed.
We must continue to push the GOP to vote for her confirmation. Keep calling (202-224-3121) Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC), Lisa Murkowksi (AK), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), and Susan Collins (ME). Our efforts matter.