What's On Our Mind 9-30-2022

Since 2003, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) has been a champion for JAC’s issues in the United States House of Representatives, both in Ohio’s 13th district and then 17th after the 2010 redistricting process. Now, he’s eyeing a seat in the Senate to represent all of Ohio. Running against him is a conservative commentator and author trying to turn politician. We need to help Rep. Tim Ryan beat MAGA-backed J.D. Vance for Ohio’s Senate seat. Pitch in here
The polls have consistently teetered back and forth between favoring Ryan and Vance. We must do everything we can we can to push Tim Ryan over the top. 
Earlier this summer, JAC was joined by Tim Ryan for a happy hour, where he emphasized his passion for the issues we care about; Ryan will continue to defend a woman’s right to choose in the Senate and support the U.S.-Israel relationship. Rep. Ryan needs your support to defeat a Trump candidate who will be an extreme risk to our democracy. Every dollar counts
In 2016, Tim Ryan traveled to Israel and other countries in the Middle East with a Congressional delegation and released a statement that his trip reaffirmed his commitment to the relationship between the two nations and the importance of the Iron Dome defense system.
Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Tim Ryan has clarified his commitment to reproductive healthcare, voting to protect access to birth control. In the past, he has also denounced crisis pregnancy centers in Ohio and across the country that pose as reproductive care facilities while discouraging patients from receiving essential healthcare services.
Tim Ryan is a dedicated public servant and a strong advocate for JAC’s issues. We need him in the Senate. Donate here to send Tim Ryan to the Senate.