This Thanksgiving

At JAC, we are thankful that more than 80 JAC candidates will be part of the next Congress. We are grateful for your support which enabled us to send these champions of democracy to Washington.
We are also grateful that our elections occurred peacefully and that JAC candidates defeated antichoice candidates and election deniers. However, with a GOP House, our work still remains challenging. We still must work to elect Sen. Raphael Warnock in his run-off race on Dec. 6th. Click here to donate.
But tragically on the eve of this Thanksgiving, our nation is faced with another mass shooting in America — the second in three days and the third in nine days. These families' lives have been ripped apart, hearts broken in ways that can never heal. There will be empty seats at their table tomorrow and every tomorrow that follows.
Our nation experiences mass shootings on a nearly weekly basis. We can not accept that nothing can be done. Something can — and must — be done. Other countries have figured out a way to make their communities safe from gun violence. We must find the common ground, despite our political differences, to save lives.
JAC will continue to work to elect candidates who will make gun violence prevention a top priority. To change laws, we need to change who is in Congress and defeat those who value guns and dark money donations over lives.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those victims and families who have been impacted by gun violence as we continue to work towards ending this epidemic with an even greater sense of purpose. 
At JAC we hope that you and your family on Thanksgiving can find some peaceful moments and time to pause to find gratitude.
Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.