What's on our Mind 4-14-2023

The Democrats are already gearing up to take on GOP candidates in 2024 and Adam Frisch (D-CO) is looking for a rematch with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). In 2022, he came within less than one percent of defeating her. Even after a mandatory recount, Boebert barely scraped by with a win. 
Now Frisch is ready to take her on again in 2024 and decisively win -- with JAC support and yours. DONATE HERE.
In 2022, Democracy was on the line, and JAC candidates -- with your support -- helped to fend off the anticipated “red wave” in the midterms. As campaigns for 2024 begin, it’s time to get to work to elect JAC candidates once again.
All eyes will be on Adam Frisch in this race so we can turn a red seat blue and take back the House.
A native Coloradan, a former Aspen City Councilman, a businessman, and a father, Adam Frisch is a stand-up, values-oriented leader ready to lead his district toward a sustainable future and economic growth. He will be an important voice in Washington for Coloradans and all Americans.
Boebert, Frisch’s once-again opponent, represents the poison the far-right is bringing to politics. Disguising her ideals as “pre-freedom,” Boebert is a proud election denier, gun lover, and anti-choice politician. 
As we approach 20224, the stakes could not be higher or clearer. 
Abortion has now been banned in 13 states and courts across the country are attacking abortion pills like mifepristone. More than 11,870 people have died from gun violence since the start of 2023 and that number steadily increases every day. The pressure is on Congress to protect reproductive rights, pass common-sense gun reform, and navigate its relationship with Israel. We need representatives like Frisch to approach these big issues head-on.
Frisch understands the importance of our American democracy and the safety and well-being of American citizens. In Congress, Frisch will support Israel and oppose anti-Israel boycott efforts, push for increased gun safety legislation, and protect abortion access.
Elections have consequences.