What's On Our Mind 7-7-2023

Over the last few years, once-ruby red Texas has become increasingly purple as support for the Democratic Party has resurged throughout Texas’s vast metropolitan areas. In 2020, Donald Trump won the Lone Star state by 4.5 percent, and in 2018, far-right Senator Ted Cruz was nearly ousted from office by former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, holding onto his seat by just 2 percentage points. 
Next year, Senator Cruz is up for re-election again, and this time, it looks like he is in real danger of losing his seat.
In May, Congressman Colin Allred (D-TX) announced that he is running to turn this high-profile Senate seat blue in 2024. A Dallas native and former football player at Baylor University, Allred knows Texas inside and out. 
After retiring from his football career, Allred obtained a law degree at UC Berkeley and worked in several positions in the Obama administration before being elected to the House in 2018.
As a JAC-supported candidate, Allred has been a vocal supporter of maintaining a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, instituting a federal assault weapons ban, and protecting a woman’s right to choose throughout his time in the House. Allred is also passionate about lowering prescription drug prices and improving veteran care.
The Cook Political Report has rated this race as ‘Likely Republican,’ but Senator Cruz’s popularity continues to decline. By sending Rep. Allred to the Senate, we would be one seat closer to taking a decisive majority and getting legislation passed to make our nation a safer, more just place for generations to come. 
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As we look ahead to the 2024 election, we know how important it is to keep the Senate blue. With several key Senators retiring and others in swing states up for reelection, we need to double down to protect and expand the currently narrow majority in the Senate. Only then can we get legislation passed to reduce gun violence, codify reproductive rights, push back against the encroachment of religion into our government, and more. 
JAC has enjoyed a close relationship with Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania for many years. Last month, Casey met with JAC members while on a visit to Chicago, reinforcing his support of our issues. 
In his 16 years in office, Senator Casey has fought tirelessly for many of the values we share here at JAC. Following the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, Casey introduced the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which would prohibit firearm sales to anyone who has been convicted of a hate crime.
Senator Casey serves as the Chair of the Senate Aging Committee and also sits on the Finance Committee as well as the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.
In 2020, President Biden won Pennsylvania with 50.01 percent of the vote. Republicans are already working ruthlessly to try and send Senator Casey home. We need Senator Casey in Washington to protect our issues, and we need your help to do so.
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