What's on Our Mind 9-8-2023

On a misty autumn day, members of JAC gathered to meet with Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), who offered her insights on the upcoming 2024 election and various pressing issues. With her unique and remarkable background in military and national security, which includes piloting Sea King helicopters on missions throughout Europe and the Middle East, and serving on the Battle Watch Floor during the Iraq invasion, Mikie brings a distinctive perspective to safeguarding our democracy.
She carried out challenging, threat-filled missions far from American shores while on active duty. Today she confronts formidable threats and challenges to our democracy from her GOP colleagues in her own country within Congress. The GOP, on a daily basis, disregards the Constitution and the foundational principles that bind our nation together. To them, the pursuit of power takes precedence. Anyone who stands in their way faces threats of impeachment. 
Mikie emphasized that the 2024 election will be tough and demanding. Nevertheless, she believes that a successful outcome can pave the way for transformative changes in our country in 2025. A Biden victory in 2024 will, once and for all, put the the Trump era behind us, allowing our democracy to continue to flourish.
The GOP is splitting themselves apart over Trump. This presents us with the optimum moment to stand united behind our President. If we want to protect women's reproductive rights, curb gun violence, defend voting rights, and uphold our core values, maintaining control of the White House is imperative.
If we look back at the 2020 election, we know what’s in store for us this time. It will be ugly and it will be grueling. But the stakes are too high for us to shy away from doing everything within our power to ensure President Biden's re-election. Imagine the possibilities if the Biden/Harris administration had four more years with a Congress that actively supports their policies?  
“We do have the ability to have a great pathway for the future,” Mikie said. 
But first we must dismiss the negative chatter and the polls and get down to the task at hand — a blue wave of victory up and down the ballot. Elections have consequences.