Harley Rouda

Ben Cardin



RACE SUMMARY: In 2018, Harley defeated incumbent Reoublican Dana Rohrabacher, who had been in Congress for 30 years. He is running for re-election in 2020 to keep his seat.

VOTING RECORD: Project VoteSmart



PARTY: Democrat

BORN: 12/10/1961

EDUCATION: University of Kentucky- (BA), Capital University (JD), Ohio State University (MBA)


FAMILY: Married, 4 children

RELIGION: Christian


  • Lawyer, specialized in business with a focus on securities work, business formation, and intellectual property

  • United States House of Representatives, (CA-48) (2019-present)



  • Supports a two-state solution
  • Believes in Israel's right to security
  • Supports maintaining bipartisan support for Israel

  • Supports Roe v. Wade
  • Stands with Planned Parenthood
  • Will protect women's right to safe abortions


In His Own Words

"Now more than ever, the US-Israel special relationship is critical to the stability of the Middle East and our mutual security. I was glad to join a bipartisan delegation to visit Israel and better understand the successes and challenges in the region." 1

"It’s time we pursue common-sense reforms that will keep our neighbors and family members safe. We need to implement mandatory background checks for all gun buyers, including online, at gun shows, and even for 3-D printed guns. We need to prevent all convicted domestic abusers from buying guns and once-and-for-all close the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” And we need to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines, ban the sale of guns to violent criminals and the mentally ill, and ensure that every gun-buyer is subject to an appropriate waiting period for all purchases." 2

SOURCES: 1) twitter.com/repharley  2) https://harleyforcongress.com/issues/

Interesting Facts

He was a registerd Republican up until 1997, and an Independent until 2017.

His 2018 race was one of the most expensive races in the country.