Lisa Blunt Rochester

Ben Cardin


RACE SUMMARY: Lisa Blunt Rochester is running for re-election to represent Delaware at-large. Since being elected in 2016, she has been a crucial voice in Congress. 

VOTING RECORD: Project VoteSmart,


PARTY: Democrat

BORN: 2/10/1962

EDUCATION: Fairleigh Dickinson University (BA), University of Delaware (MA)

OCCUPATION: CEO of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League

FAMILY: Divorced and widowed, 2 children

RELIGION: Christian


  • Secretary of the Delaware's Department of Health and Social Services (1993)

  • Secretary of Delaware's Department of Labor (1998) 

  • Delaware State Personnel Director (2001)

  • CEO of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (2004)

  • U.S. House of Representatives, D-AL (2017-present)

  • Co-Chair of Joe Biden's presidential campaign (2020)


  • Energy and Commerce



  • Supports a two-state solution
  • Visited Israel in 2017 with House Democratic Members
  • Supports a strong U.S.-Israel Relationship

  • Stands up to the Republicans in Congress trying to defund Planned Parenthood
  • Works to make it easier for low-income women to get cancer screenings and mammograms
  • Fights against regressive legislation that tries to put the government between a woman and her doctor

In Her Own Words

"I’m looking forward to traveling with my colleagues to Israel to continue building our relationship with one of our strongest allies. It is absolutely critical that Members of Congress have the opportunity first-hand to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to ensure we properly understand the challenges they’re facing as well as to ensure we are taking every necessary step to put our national and global security first.” 1 

“As a young woman I relied on Planned Parenthood for my health needs. I know I am not alone. We cannot afford to let politicians in Washington try and drag us back to the last century." 2

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Interesting Facts

She became the first woman and the first African-American to represent Delaware in Congress.

In April of 2020, she was named a member of the vetting committee for Joe Biden's vice presidential candidate selection.