Jeanne Shaheen

Ben Cardin




RACE SUMMARY: Senator Shaheen will be up for reelection in 2024.

VOTING RECORD: Project Vote Smart, Govtrack US



Party: Democratic

Born: 1/28/1947

Education: Shippensburg State College, BA; University of Mississippi, M.S.S.

Occupation: Small business owner

Family: Married, 3 children

Political Career:

  • New Hampshire State Senate 1990-1996
  • Governor of New Hampshire 1997-2003
  • U.S. Senator, 2009-present


  • Foreign Relations
  • Appropriations
  • Armed Services
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship - Ranking Member
  • Select Committee on Ethics
  • Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe

Elected: 2008



  • Co-sponsored the resolution for Israeli Self-Defense, which expressed expressing vigorous support and unwavering commitment Israel
  • Co-sponsored resolution which strongly supports Israel's inherent right to act in self-defense to protect its citizens against acts of terrorism


  • Authored amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act ending a three decade-long discriminatory policy that banned women in the military from accessing abortion coverage in cases of rape or incest
  • Voted against the birth control refusal law, which would have allowed religious and moral convictions to be imposed on women’s health programs
  • Earned a 100 percent pro-choice rating from NARAL
  • Endorsed by EMILY’s list


In Her Own Words

"A peace agreement with two states living side by side in peace and security is the only long-term, sustainable solution for the people of the region, and it is critical to the interests of the U.S., Israel, the Palestinians, the Arab world, and the entire region." 1

"The relationship between the United States and Israel remains unbreakable." 2

"I strongly believe that every woman should have the reproductive health care coverage she needs wherever she is and whenever she needs it." 3

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Interesting Facts

Shaheen is the first female U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.

She is also the first female governor of New Hampshire.

Shaheen’s father’s family—all Republicans — lived in Missouri during the Civil War and fed potatoes to Union troops.