Catherine Cortez Masto

Ben Cardin




RACE SUMMARY:  Cortez Masto is a popular two-term attorney general who is well known for her integrity and leadership. She has worked hard to strengthen laws preventing sex trafficking and violence against women. She will be a wonderful successor to retiring Sen. Harry Reid. However, the road to the U.S. Senate will not be easy. The GOP, along with the extreme super pacs, have their eyes on this seat. Cortez Masto's opponent is anti-choice who voted nine times to defund Planned Parenthood. Reid's endorsement of  Cortez Masto will further strengthen her standing with voters. Barack Obama did well in Nevada in 2012 and 2014. We can not afford to lose this seat. Cortez Masto supports JAC issues and we know we can count on her to advocate for Israel, choice and our other issues. JAC is proud to support her and we look forward to working with her to further advance JAC's agenda.

VOTING RECORD: Project Vote Smart, GovTrack



PARTY: Democrat

BORN: 1964

EDUCATION: University of Nevada (B.S.), Gonzaga University School of Law (J.D.) 


FAMILY: Married


  • Attorney General of Nevada (2007-2015)
  • Executive Vice Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education (2014-present)
  • U.S. Senator (2017-Present)





  • Supports two-state solution 
  • Supports continued military assistance to Israel, including funding for Iron Dome and David’s Sling and Arrow
  • Supports an economically strong U.S.-Israel partnership


  • Supports full access to reproductive care for all women 
  • Supports funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Opposes 20-week abortion ban
  • Supports Roe v. Wade
  • Supports ACA requring insrance companies to provide birth control with no additional co-pay

In Her Own Words

  • "In the U.S. Senate, I will be a firm ally of Israel by continuing to assist them as they develope their defenses and capabilities."1
  • Our shared values and interests have helped forge a lasting special relationship between the two countires, and America's committment to the (Israel) relationship must be unwavering."1
  • “Access to birth control shouldn’t be a luxury that’s just for the people who can afford it: It’s basic health care, and we need to make sure that every woman can access the care she needs.” 1

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