JAC Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

June 1, 2020


The murder of George Floyd has rocked the nation and highlighted the racial injustice that has become too common. We are outraged by his torturous death and saddened by the ensuing violence that has erupted in cities from coast to coast. 

We need to commit ourselves to not just healing the wounds from this weekend, but to bridging the gaps that separate communities, end economic disparity, and eliminate racial prejudice within law enforcement.

We need to take the necessary steps that will finally make this country a place where a person's rights and treatment are not conditional on race or religion. 

The peaceful protesters have every right to have their voices heard. But that is not enough. In November, they, and the rest of us, must use the force of our vote to affect the necessary societal change that the protesters are highlighting. We need to elect individuals who will put in place policies that will improve the lives for all Americans.

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