8/26/2010: JAC Statement on 90th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote

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August 26, 2010

Even though Abigail Adams reminded her husband to remember the ladies in the Declaration of Independence, it took 144 years, one month and 22 days for women to gain the right to vote. To secure that right, many were beaten, jailed, institutionalized as insane, divorced, marginalized, shunned – and even killed.

JAC applauds the women who bequeathed us this right with their bravery and perseverance in the face of such deadly opposition.

JAC calls upon the women of the twenty-first century to honor these selfless pioneers by not only voting in the November election but also getting involved in voter registration efforts and personal one-to-one persuasion as election day nears. The 90th anniversary of women’s right to vote is a reminder to women today: you have the power of the vote. Use it.

For information on the issues at stake in this election and the candidates JAC is supporting, visit the JAC website at www.jacpac.org.  Also available on the website is the JAC Education Foundation’s non-partisan Jewish Community Voter Guide.

Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JAC) is a national network committed to the special relationship between the US and Israel and a social agenda that includes reproductive choice and separation of religion and state. JAC provides financial support for US Senate and House candidates who uphold this agenda; JAC maintains ongoing dialogue with those it helps elect. In addition, JAC serves as a political resource for the Jewish community, furnishing information about candidates, elections and issues.