8/20/2012: JAC Statement on Rep. Todd Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Comments

Akin Misfires in War Against Women
August 20, 2012
The whole country may not have known, but US Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri did.  She knew what Todd Akin was all about. 
Now everyone knows.
US Rep. Todd Akin, of Missouri, told a St. Louis news station August 19th that “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy:  Akiin is the Republican candidate challenging JAC-supported Senator Claire McCaskill for the US Senate seat in Missouri. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,”  said Akin, in defense of his extreme view that all abortions should be outlawed with no exceptions for rape and incest.
Following a firestorm of reaction from an outraged public, Akin  tried to take his words back, claiming they were a misstatement, but they weren't.  They were his true beliefs. Akin vowed to stay in the race even though he was urged to step aside by fellow Republicans. They never objected to his hateful views or his below-average science I.Q.; they hate that he might not defeat incumbent Claire McCaskill and ruin their chances at a Senate takeover in November.
This isn't the first time Akin has expressed outlandish views about rape.
Akin and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan legislatively tried to narrow the definition of rape, in the 2011 "No taxpayer funding for abortion act."  They inserted the adjective  "forcible" before "rape," as if to distinguish between forcible rape and some other kind.
Ironically, Akin serves on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee.  As a denier of climate change and evolution, and self-proclaimed expert on the science of women's reproduction, he has found a place – the Republican-controlled House of Representatives – to express his views and turn them into policy.
Claire McCASKILL is arguably the number-one most vulnerable Democratic Senator seeking re-election. Her re-election prospects have improved since the Akin flap, but she needs our help to carry the momentum until November.  She is perfect on JAC's issues and outspoken in support of women. Her record is clear and unassailable. The thought of Akin legislating on our behalf in the US Senate is horrifying.  Claire MCaskill has the strongest support of JAC and of our members nationwide.