JAC Statement on the Appointment of Steve Bannon


JAC is extremely concerned with the recent appointment of Steve Bannon as the Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel to President-elect Donald Trump. As the former Chief Executive of breitbert.com, Bannon was responsible for the news content that promoted anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia. The rhetoric at breitbert.com is dangerous and serves to further divide our country. He will have a material impact on Trump’s presidency and his congressional agenda in his role as Trump’s advisor. Bannon’s alt-right leaning views are a threat to our values. JAC condemns this early action of the new Administration. Anti-semitic and hate crimes have increased since the end of the election. These actions must be replaced with tolerance and respect. This begins with the President, who must lead by example. Now more than ever it is important to urge Congress to fight back against right-wing attacks on our values for both legislation and the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice.



November 15, 2016