JAC Statement on the Shooting in Las Vegas

Our condolences to the families and victims whose lives are shattered forever. The tragedy that unfolded in Las Vegas early this morning is indescribable. It's a scene -- senseless violence aimed at innocent victims -- that has played out too often throughout America. 

There will undoubtedly be an outpouring of prayers and comfort. But what our country desperately needs is an outpouring of action to keep guns away from dangerous individuals, ban assault weapons, and tighten background checks. 

This week Congress is slated to vote on a dangerous bill to deregulate the sale of gun silencers (HR 367). In Las Vegas, concertgoers heard the shots, ran and took cover. The same thing happened with the shooting at the baseball field with Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and other Representatives. It is horrific to imagine these scenes if those gunmen had used silencers.

We can't wait for the next shooting. We must take action today to defeat dangerous laws seeking to weaken gun safety laws. Gun violence impacts everyone in every corner of our country. 

We keep hoping that each shooting will bring about bipartisan support for gun safety legislation. But nothing happens -- except more efforts to loosen safety measures. 


Get involved. Call your Representative and Senators (202-224-3121) and demand they stand up to the NRA and vote no on HR 367 - the "SHARE Act," also known as the bill to deregulate gun silencers.

Vote. If your elected official does not support common sense gun safety measures, then vote them out of office.

Support JAC candidates. Commit to helping elect candidates across the country who are committed to keeping our communities safe. 

Enough is enough.