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Week In Review June 16, 2017

This week Congress showed rare bipartisan support after the shooting in Alexandria, VA critically injured Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). They also came together in 2011 after former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was critically injured in a shooting. Ironically, at that time  Scalise paid tribute to Gifford, praising her "kindness and decency." 

Week In Review June 9, 2017

James Comey's hearing was a highly anticipated event. It seemed like everyone this week was talking about "the Comey hearings." There were even Comey watch parties across the country.

Comey showed himself to be a dedicated public servant, committed to the serious responsibilities of his job regardless of politics. He was put in a compromising position with the President. It all seemed straightforward. Then charges started flying; Trump supporters started calling people liars. Once again we were left wondering how the world could look so different from the same vantage point.

Week In Review June 2, 2017

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Today would have been Hadiya Pendelton's 18th birthday. She was shot in the back and killed while she stood with friends three years ago in Chicago. Hadiya, an honor student, had just finished her final exams. She full of life and promise with bright dreams of her future - similar to our children. 

Week In Review May 19, 2017

There has been a great deal of discussion surrounding President Donald Trump's first-time ever visit to Israel. Controversy already surrounded the trip before it was revealed this week that he breached security by sharing secret intelligence material, supplied by Israel, to the Russians. 

Israel and the U.S. historically have had close cooperations in the areas of security. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on future efforts, as well as our intelligence efforts with other allies. 

Week In Review May 12, 2017

Confess ions of A Political Newbie
About 11 p.m. on election night, as red state after red state covered the t.v. screen, a wave of anxiety spread over me. My daughters looked at me and mirrored my disbelief. "But Mom, you said she (Hillary) was going to win..." 

Week in Review May 5, 2017

JAC members just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. We met with over 60  Representatives and Senators,  both in their offices on Capitol Hill and at special events we hosted, while advocating for our issues. It was an empowering and motivating few days. We hosted six freshman JAC-supported House members for breakfast, such as Reps.

Week In Review April 21, 2017

President Donald Trump's approval ratings are the lowest of any president since Gallup began presidential approval surveys in 1953. This strong anti-Trump sentiment has given Democrats hope to capture Health and Human Secretary Tom Price's open congressional seat in Georgia. Voter turnout exceeded expectations, pushing Democratic Jon Ossoff to a run-off on June 20th. Every vote counts. 

Week In Review July 14, 2017

There is still no good news in the revised Senate healthcare bill - despite GOP claims and any extra perks they have offered to wavering Senators for their support. The bill is an absolute nightmare that would cause a spectacular amount of suffering - and even deaths.* The Senate will stay in session, forgoing their August recess, until they can get this bill passed. They want a victory on this issue at any cost. 

Week In Review April 7, 2017

Today the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This was accomplished by changing the rules of the Senate to permit a simple majority (51 votes) to decide. 

JACPAC is deeply disappointed by this confirmation. We say "Elections Have Consequences." The impact of this confirmation will be felt for generations.