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A Week In Review August 25, 2017

For one brief moment on Monday our country found something to smile about and unite behind -- the solar eclipse. It was a bipartisan moment when Democrats and Republicans marveled at the moon covering the sun. We were all inspired at this event which was completely out of human control. But that awe-inspiring moment quickly passed, and then the memories of Charlottesville immediately returned. 

Intern Impressions

Sydney Box, JAC 2017 Summer Intern

Elections matter. I've always heard this phrase, but never truly understood the importance of it until I interned with JAC. This summer JAC campaigned for two House special elections, one in Georgia and one in Montana. While spending hours making phone calls into those states encouraging people to vote, I realized for the first time the scope of elections. 

A week In Review July 28, 2017

It was an emotional week as the country waited to see the fate of their healthcare. Americans woke up this morning to the news that the 'skinny' repeal had failed and, for now, the ACA will remain in place, reassuring millions of people that they will continue to have access to coverage and critical health services for themselves and their families. 

Week In Review July 14, 2017

There is still no good news in the revised Senate healthcare bill - despite GOP claims and any extra perks they have offered to wavering Senators for their support. The bill is an absolute nightmare that would cause a spectacular amount of suffering - and even deaths.* The Senate will stay in session, forgoing their August recess, until they can get this bill passed. They want a victory on this issue at any cost. 

Week In Review July 21, 2017

Every day there is more devastating news about the impact the GOP's healthcare plan will have on all of us. It feels like the healthcare debate has been going on forever. We all have a bit of battle fatigue. But our hard work is paying off. 

Week In Review June 30, 2017

Do you know anyone who has cancer? 

If the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) plan passes, a life threatening illness or a chronic condition, like cancer, can lead to financial ruin. Cancer is the costliest disease to treat - even with insurance. 

Week In Review June 23, 2017

Everyone will feel the pain of the GOP's healthcare plan regardless of where they live and their economic level. But women will feel the burden even more.

The plan eliminates Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood. Women who count on Planned Parenthood clinics for well visits, maternity care, cancer screenings, birth control, pap smears, or breast exams will be left with no where to go. This will impact more than 1 million women of all ages, especially those in rural areas whose only clinic is Planned Parenthood.