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What's on Our Mind 7-16-2021

Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the passing of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). He spent his life working to end injustice and to ensure that every citizen has the same easy access to voting. That was Rep. Lewis' hope for this country. Yet today, we are further from the finish line than ever before. 
Congress can't seem to pass a voting rights bill. Antisemitism is a growing threat on campuses and communities. The GOP continues to find new ways to engage in race-baiting to strengthen its base.

What's On Our Mind 7-9-2021

It’s not just about roads and bridges. President Joe Biden’s sweeping infrastructure plan will also have a major impact on women and their ability to access birth control, infertility treatments, and other reproductive healthcare services.

High-speed internet is a woman’s passport to the world of healthcare. More than 30 million Americans live in areas where there is no broadband infrastructure with minimally acceptable speeds. This, along with states’ abortion restrictions, has created a growing crisis for women.

What's On Our Mind 7-2-2021

Unlike last year, this Independence Day we will be with friends and families at barbeques, parades, and fireworks.

But for me, this occasion feels surreal. On Thursday, the House voted to form a committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol attack, an event that still leaves deep scars on our nation’s soul. I won’t forget that day, the day my country let me down.

This July 4th we celebrate our freedom, yet much of our freedom feels fragile and desperately needs protecting. That is exactly what I have been working for at JAC for the past four years.