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what's On Our Mind 5-13-2022

In the aftermath of SCOTUS’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v Wade that leaves the future of our non-codified rights uncertain, a debate has once again arisen: the size of the Supreme Court.
The nation’s highest court, for the most part, was immune to the political winds and remained pretty balanced. However, that changed when Trump ceded the selection of SCOTUS judges, and most lower court judges, to the conservative, right-wing Federalist Society.

what's On Our Mind 5-6-2022

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, a national commemoration for the women who raised and sacrificed for us. Mother’s Day also stands as a reminder that motherhood is a choice. 
But that is soon going to change based on the leaked news that SCOTUS plans to reverse the right granted to women under Roe v. Wade. It will now be the government’s decision to determine when and how a woman should become a mother.

What's On Our Mind 4-29-2022

The GOP has found a new way to suppress the vote. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approved the creation of an "election police force" to crackdown on unsubstantiated voter fraud in the Sunshine State. His plan will create an “Office of Election Crimes and Security,” a way to further spread Trump’s “big lie” and cast doubt on elections. 

What's On Our Mind 4-22-2022

Today on Earth day we, as a global community, reflect on the state of our climate. It is also an opportunity to see what more we can do to protect our natural resources.
While we each have a personal responsibility to be stewards of our environment, it is more challenging when we have a Congress that has nearly 140 members who are climate change deniers, and have accepted more than $61 million in contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industries. 

What's On Our Mind 4-8-2022

This was a week that will go down in history. First and foremost we saw Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed with bipartisan support as the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. Secondly, Vice President Kamala Harris, our nation’s first Black women vice president presided over the Senate vote.
Our nation showed the world that we can be the more perfect union our founding leaders envisioned. As Jackson said this morning standing at the White House, "good things can be done in the country,” and that, “anything is possible.”

What's On Our Mind 3-25-2022

The Supreme Court impacts every aspect our life. Those nine Justices have the final say as cases wind their way through the judicial pipeline. Since Justices serve for life, it is critical that the President nominates a person with outstanding legal credentials and one who is within the judicial mainstream.
President Joe Biden’s nomination of Kentaji Brown Jackson will be one his most important and impactful decisions well into the future.

What's On Our Mind 3-18-2022

Presidents begin their terms with plans and hopes. They have a vision for how they want to improve the lives of Americans while ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected.
It’s a challenging task. There are many unexpected forces that pull on any president — some internal, like Congress, and others external, like a pandemic. A president must do what they feel is right in their heart and soul using the best advice from experts and advisors.

What's On Our Mind 3-11-2022

Democracy is precious and fragile. We saw that in our own country when on January 6, 2021 domestic terrorists tried to overturn the results of our election. Today, we are witnessing the great lengths the Ukrainian people are going to in order to protect their young democracy. This should make us all pause to be grateful for the country we live in — despite its flaws.